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the united nations general assembly meeting? i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from oregon rise? >> i ask permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. blumenauer: mr. speaker, last night roger was honored for his 20 years leadership as defenders ever of wildlife, where he became a key pillar of the american environmental movement. the successful reintroduction of the gray wolf in the american west is an example of his tenacity, skill and vision. whether roger was fighting to protect our environmental laws from assault or using them for their intended purposes, he showed how even in difficult times people would respond to protect what they cherish. that is how we built defenders of wildlife in the formedible political and policy force, increasing the membership 1,500% to almost a million people. whether it's taking his phone call, taking a visit or exploring the refuge with roger, his passion was clear to me. roger provided leadership that matters which speaks volu
brings his campaign of hatred to the united nations general assembly and stands miles from ground zero, three weeks after the anniversary of the september 11 attacks and declares that the u.s. government orchestrated the attacks to reverse the declining american economy as he did last year, we will stand up for those brave men and women who lost their lives that day and every day since then and when he celebrates the 10th anniversary of the durbin hate fest, a rant against israel, we will stand up for the freedom of democracy that israel represents, freedom of democracy that ahmadinejad represses in his own country. that's going to be our role just tomorrow. and i know you will look forward to standing in strong opposition to those statements from one who wishes to see israel wiped off the map, one who could be tried to incitement to genocide. we will stand in opposition to the hateful rhetoric we will be forced to listen to tomorrow. mr. engel: i said before that the u.n. has been a kangaroo court against israel time and time again and israel cannot get a fair shake in the united nati
representative to the united nations from 2002 to 2006. during this period he was chairman of the fourth committee of special political and decolonization of the 60th u.n. general assembly. vice president of the economic and social council from 2004 and 2005 and vice president of the u.n. conference on illicit trade and small arms and light weapons in all its aspects in 2001. . began his career in 1992, serving as charge kay defair as azerbaijan's commission. he was the 47th through 56th sessions of the united nations general assembly. having joined the ministry of foreign affairs of azerbaijan in 1989, the ambassador has held the post of political officer first secretary, and deputy director of the ministries department of information and political analysis, as well as director of department of international organizations. i took up oriental studies of state university in 1972 and received the school's highest degree in 197 . he did postgraduate research as russia's academy of science in moscow. in the early 1990's he also studied for a year at the diplomatic academy of russia's foreign
the united nations the numbers are not going to go well for a general assembly vote. the united states invested a lot to the peace process and the united states understands the negative consequences of a u.n. vote. i think that needs to be transmitted to the leaders of other countries and i'm glad to see that the administration's taking a very active role to let the capitals of the world to understand this is an important vote and that if you support an independent palestinian stateside by side with the state of israel the best way to do that is direct negotiations. the only way to do that is through direct negotiations and a vote in the united nations, even though its legality may have some questions, vote within the united nations will be counterproductive to that end. and i applaud you with your strong statements in that regard. i just also want to bring up the case of allen gross, cuba, imprisoned. i know we have a difficult time in communications with our neighbor, cuba, but i think it's important that we continue to advocate for justice in regards to allen gross and to bring him
to the security council, probably, but certainly to the general assembly where all the members of the united nations have a chance to vote. my guess is that the palestinians will get 140 or 150 nations who will vote for their becoming a state. this will not change the occupation of palestine by the israelis, and it will just make -- if the united states does veto the security council, then they will not become a fully recognized member of the united nations, but they will become an unofficial recognized observer, and this would give them certain access to membership in international organizations, and it would be a step forward. i would not be in favor of this if the united states had put forward any sort of comprehensive peace proposal. as president obama has announced on two major occasions, one a freeze on all israeli settlements inside palestine, and also, based on the 1967 borders -- if the united states had put forward that proposal as a basis for negotiation, then both the palestinians and the carter center would be in favor of peace talks based on those two issues, but the israelis a
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5